Indigenous Women's Health

Vida Health& Wellness
Shaylynn McAuley
Alycia TwoBears

October 21, 2020 -- 7:00PM MDT

Join us for a live discussion of indigenous women’s health. All participants are welcome, including Indigenous persons, health professionals, and the broader Vida community.

This webinar is available by donation. We ask that donations be made to The Moss Bag Project.

You will hear from two women with professional knowledge and personal experience on the following topics. For more information on our guest speakers, please see their photos below.

  • Cultural competency
  • Concerns in Indigenous communities
  • Recommended resources
  • Barriers to health
  • What education is most needed in Indigenous communities? Where are the gaps?
  • Shaylynn will discuss traditional knowledge in a contemporary world, using the Cree language on social media, and her experiences living traditionally (ie raising children on the trapline)
  • Alycia will discuss her experiences in birth work in the Calgary area. She may also talk about her articles about 2-Spirit and their relevance to women’s health

Your expert panel and moderator

Christine MacSween (Bio)

  • Physiotherapy and Breastfeeding
  • Vida Health & Wellness (Moderator)

Shaylynn McAuley

  • Iskwew Owīcihowewak | Doula
  • Ancestral knowledge in a contemporary world
  • @women.womb.warrior

Alycia Two Bears (Bio)

  • Mixed Blooded Nêhiyawa-iskwêw | Doula
  • Poet, Yogi

Pre-registration is required for this virtual event, and space is limited. The video presentation link will be provided upon registration. Sign up now!

Not sure you’ll be able to join us live? Submit your questions in advance!

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