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Breast Conditions

Treatment for blocked ducts, mastitis, milk blebs, and breast inflammation.

Neck & Jaw

Infant conditions such as torticollis, plagiocephaly (flat spot on head), tight jaw muscles, and difficult achieving a wide, open mouth for latching.

Latch & Positioning

Help with deep latch, positioning for feeding, uncoordinated suck, and more.

What to Expect

In your first appointment, you will be asked about your breastfeeding experience as well as the pregnancy, birth, and your medical history. The physiotherapist or occupational therapist will examine the breast tissue if it is inflamed. She will assess your baby’s jaw, neck, and mouth. Our PT and OT are uniquely trained to assess a baby’s suck. There is no need to bring your baby hungry, but it does help if you can time the appointment with a typical feeding time.

She will then address your individual needs with the options outlined above.

Physiotherapy/occupational therapy for breastfeeding issues will typically require few appointments. You can expect to attend 1-4 times on average. If you have health benefits, you can submit your visits for reimbursement or we can direct bill your insurance company. Please check your plan for physiotherapy/occupational therapy coverage.

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