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All About C-Sections

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April 18, 2020 -- 8:30-9:30PM MDT

Caesarean birth can be a controversial topic and often isn’t discussed or planned for as thoroughly as vaginal birth even though around 30% of babies are born via C-section. Although some are planned, many are considered emergency survey and families are left wondering how to cope with pain and daily restrictions, and how to recover quickly and completely.

April is Caesarean Awareness Month and we want you to feel prepared in the event of a planned or emergency C-section!

Join our multi-disciplinary panel of experts for everything you need to know about C-section birth, from the physical need-to-knows, the mental impacts, and the logistical concerns you should plan for!

Your expert panel

Christine MacSween, Physiotherapy and Breastfeeding, Vida Health & Wellness
Amber Laing, Occupational Therapist, Vida Health & Wellness
Lindsey Bowns, Certified Birth Doula, adora birth + wellness

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