Live Q&A: Postpartum Pelvic Health and Breastfeeding

Vida Health & Wellness
Postpartum Support Calgary

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May 7, 2020 -- 2:00-3:00PM MDT

Whether you had children 2 days ago or 40 years ago, you likely have some unanswered questions about pelvic health and/or breastfeeding. The internet is full of information and we can get great advice from our support networks… But have you ever just wanted to get a straight answer on a topic, or to understand the science and reasoning behind some of these answers:

Is it okay to leak a little when we run or sneeze?
Do all women have pain with intercourse after having babies?
Can weightlifting make your bladder fall out? (Prolapse)
What is the pelvic floor? Should we do Kegels or were they a fad?
What is the best way to prepare for another pregnancy and delivery? What if the previous birth was traumatic?
What is a pessary and how does it work?
Why won’t sit-ups, crunches, and planks get rid of “mommy tummy” or diastasis recti abdominis?

What causes cracked nipples or a painful latch?
Do I need a breastfeeding pillow?
How do I prevent blocked ducts and mastitis?
Why does my baby fall asleep at the breast even though she’s hungry?

Join Mercedes Eustergerling – pelvic health physiotherapist and lactation consultant – and Jennifer Hammer – doula, lactation educator, and belly wrap artist – for this FREE live Q&A!

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Your expert panel

Mercedes Eustergerling, Physiotherapist and Lactation Consultant, Vida Health & Wellness
Jennifer Hammer, Doula and Lactation Educator, Postpartum Support Calgary and Sacred Nest

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