Sexuality and Belief

Today’s post is written by Christine MacSween. It is a look at the role of culture and belief in sexuality. Christine’s personal background and her degree in religious studies inform her writing, and we look forward to continuing this conversation on social media and in person.

Vaginismus – One Woman’s Journey With Pain and Hope

Woman with vaginismus seeks help from pelvic health physiotherapy

Today’s post is our first guest article. I am honoured to have the written experience of a woman with vaginismus to share with you, and I hope that it will help others to understand that they’re not alone.

A Woman’s Story
This is what I had thought was a strange story…. my story… my greatest secret.

When I met Mercedes, I was over 40, divorced for almost 2 years, and just starting to date and….

What is a Pessary?

Woman Considering a Pessary in Calgary

Bodies change over time. It’s a fact of life that we just have to accept if we’re going to have any hope of loving ourselves. Men and women lose hair to different degrees, our skin gets thinner, and our knuckles become prominent. Pregnancy and childbirth affect the body in unique ways and certainly don’t help with anything that needs to fight gravity!

Breasts sag, bellies hang, and we develop an underarm flap. Isn’t motherhood lovely? At least our kids make us feel young.

Vaginismus and Infertility

#203-1640 16 Ave NW Calgary, AB T2M 0L6 (403) 237-0211 Call to book Appointment Portal Click for hours & booking Facebook Twitter Instagram Envelope What is Vaginismus? In a part of the body that contains so many nerve endings and sensory receptors, it’s no surprise that some people experience pain. There are different vulvar and […]

Why Sexual Function is Impacted by Chronic Stress

Adult feet in bed - sexual function

The status quo Many of the world’s academics will agree that physical and emotional intimacy are basic human needs. We are a social species and we seek relationships that fulfill these needs. Friendships make us happy and are integral to our social fabric, but many people also seek a different type of connection: a physical […]

When Can I Start Running After Childbirth?

#203-1640 16 Ave NW Calgary, AB T2M 0L6 (403) 815-0986 Call to book Appointment Portal Click for hours & booking Facebook Twitter Instagram Envelope Running after childbirth This is one of the most common questions that I hear from moms. Many of them have been told that they can start running again at a specific […]