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Welcome Christine MacSween Physiotherapist

Welcome to the Team, Christine!

It has been a busy fall at Vida Health & Wellness and we are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest team member, Christine MacSween. Some of you may have seen Christine at the clinic when she was a physiotherapy student. She did her final clinical placement with Mercedes, learning one-on-one for 6 weeks and developing skills in women’s health, breastfeeding support, and chronic pain.

About Christine

Christine took a different path to physiotherapy that has provided a broad foundation and many opportunities to develop her skills. She received a Bachelor of Arts Joint Major with Distinction in Religious Studies and Economics from St. Francis Xavier University and completed courses in Kinesiology with a focus in biomechanics at the University of Calgary. Christine has been a yoga teacher since 2011, and it was through a desire to provide better care and to expand her scope of practice that Christine chose to obtain a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta.

Over the years, Christine has received training in movement modalities such as Restorative Exercise (certified through Nutritious Movement®), Foundation Training, and numerous workshops and trainings within the yoga community.

Christine has been interested in working in women’s health for many years and developed an interest in providing support to both mothers and infants following a placement at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. When she discovered that Vida Health & Wellness was already providing this type of support, she knew she needed to train with Mercedes in breastfeeding support and pelvic health and was able to complete her final student placement at Vida Health and Wellness.

Christine is currently pursuing advanced courses in pelvic health and chronic pain and will be expanding her skillset to work with people impacted by cancer and gastrointestinal diagnoses and treatment.

Christine is especially interested in the intersections of society, culture, belief and perspectives about the human body, health, and sexuality. She provides a safe space for people to learn about their bodies and health while seeking to understand and help them begin or get back to the activities that are meaningful to them.

Outside her clinical roles, Christine is a watercolour artist, enjoys tea with friends, and loves to walk the paths of Calgary and the surrounding area.

What’s New

With Christine’s arrival, there will be more availability for appointments. This means that you’ll have to wait less time to get seen, which is great news for everyone. Mercedes will be reducing her hours to focus on the administrative tasks behind Vida but you’ll still be able to see her around the clinic. Amber’s hours are staying the same.

Christine will also be writing some of the blog posts! You can expect to see an increase in the amount of articles that we post in the coming year.

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To see Christine for physiotherapy or breastfeeding support, you can book online or phone 403-237-0211.

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