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Word of the year 2019 open blank journal

Word of the Year for 2019

As we sit nearly one sixth of the way through 2019, it feels like a good time to set a course. We’ve had the chance to wrap up the year that passed, reflect on it, and begin to experience this one. Some may set an annual word or theme at the beginning of the year and others may see the practice as puzzling. At Vida Health & Wellness we took some time and are ready to move forward with a theme we hope you’ll appreciate.


Open mind     Open ears     Open hands     Open heart     Open spaces     Open door     Open skies     Open books     Open arms     Open windows     Open the way     Open spaces


As a women’s health physiotherapist, I see a side of people that they don’t typically share outside the clinic. Women of all walks of life share their experiences, fears, and hopes, and I’ve previously written about the privilege of being a part of those conversations. Every day I learn about the human condition and feel enriched by it. My empathy for others increases because I know how much one can hide under a mask.

Open mind, open ears

This year has brought many stories through my door. More than ever, I am listening.

Open heart, open spaces, open skies, open arms

This is more of a personal thread. In 2019, I will make room for my daughter’s experiences and share in them. She is three years old: young enough to be discovering new things daily and old enough to be an active participant in her adventures. I’m creating time to go camping with her, explore the bugs in the garden, and just sit together.

Open books, open the way

Canada’s women are starting to hear about the ways that physiotherapists can provide breastfeeding support. And likewise, physiotherapists are curious about our role in that aspect of women’s health. This year I spend time outside the clinic with my nose in the books, learning about breastfeeding history, lactation physiology, and neonatal reflexes. I’m gathering as much information as I can to pass onto healthcare providers. Pelvic Health Solutions and Uro-Sante have announced courses for 2019.

I’ve also made the leap into the world of research. This year, I will be conducting a study on mastitis. The study can open the way to better mastitis prevention and treatment. And now that I’ve caught the research bug, I’m certain that the quest for information will continue. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the world of breastfeeding support.


Your Turn

We want to know your ideas! For a year that’s more open, for better healthcare, and for other words to guide us through 2019. Share your thoughts on your favourite social media site.


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