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You're in Good Hands.

At Vida Health & Wellness, our mission is to provide excellent care for those who need it most. This means that everything is built around optimizing your function and your wellbeing. You can feel the difference in appointments that are long enough for you to feel heard and understood, a team that’s passionate about your care, and research-informed health care that works.

Your time is valuable; let’s use it wisely. You can schedule and change your appointments online without having to play phone tag, minimize your paperwork with direct billing, and access care from your own home with telehealth.

Our team specializes in chronic and complex health needs, meaning that you’ll never need to convince us that your pain is real or that you need a different approach. You’re in good hands.


Physiotherapy for blocked ducts, mastitis, torticollis, latch & positioning, and more. All forms of feeding are supported.

Pelvic Health

Specialized care for prenatal, postpartum, pain, bladder leaks, and menopause. Pediatric pelvic health is now available!


Individualized pessary fittings for pelvic organ prolapse: a non-surgical option for managing incontinence, pain, and feelings of fullness.


Team-based care for chronic pain, endometriosis, vaginismus, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and more. A life with less pain is possible.

Mental Health

Occupational therapy for anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, and more. Take back your health to live the life you want.

Community Care

Health care where you need it most. Telehealth (virtual) appointments and exposure therapy in the community give you the freedom to choose.

Meet the Team

Best Calgary Physiotherapist | Vida Health & Wellness

Mercedes Eustergerling

Physiotherapy, Lactation

Passionate about chronic & complex health conditions. Clinician, researcher, and educator.

Trauma Therapist Calgary | Vida Health & Wellness

Amber Laing

Occupational Therapy, Mental Health

Focus on chronic pain, mental health, and trauma. Helping to engage in meaningful activities.

Torticollis Plagiocephaly Calgary | Vida Health & Wellness

Christine MacSween

Physiotherapy, Lactation

Special interests in society, culture, belief, and perspectives about the human body. Experienced in torticollis and plagiocephaly.

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